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  • Leipzig
  • Bezienswaardigheid, Watersport

The artificial Karl-Heine-Canal in western Leipzig connects the Lindenau harbour with the White Elster River along a 3.3 kilometre stretch of water.

In western Leipzig, the Karl-Heine-Canal runs through the city, connecting the Lindenau harbour with the White Elster. A total of 15 bridges cross the canal along its 3.3 kilometre stretch. During the warmer season, the waterway is navigable by small boats, which can be rented at the Leipzig City Harbour, but also at numerous other places. During an excursion along the Karl-Heine-Canal, water wanderers can see not only the bridges but also former industrial architecture with artistic façades. You can reach the Leipzig New Lake District by boat via the connection to the White Elster. Today, the Karl-Heine-Canal is a cultural landmark of Leipzig.


04229 Leipzig - Plagwitz / Lindenau

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