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  • Start: Jonsdorf auf dem Parkplatz am Gebirgsbad
  • Bestemming: Jonsdorf auf dem Parkplatz am Gebirgsbad
  • Gemiddeld
  • 4,71 km
  • 1 Uur 30 Minuten
  • 171 m
  • 582 m
  • 464 m

Mausefalle, Elefantensteine, und Fuchskanzel: im Zittauer Gebirge gibt es tierisch viel zu entdecken.

The route starts at the car park in Jonsdorf. It follows the red circle trail marker along Hainstraße street in a southerly direction towards the crossroad with Holsteinweg street. To get to Kroatzbeerwinkel street, you have to switch to the green circle trail marker. Continue in a southerly direction to the next forest junction. From here the route follows the red line trail marker to the Kellerbergbruch quarry. Now you are directly in the millstone quarries area and from here follow the educational trail signs. From the Kellerbergbruch quarry, walk in a north-easterly direction to The Pigeon rock formation above the White Quarry. Now walk a short distance back and continue towards the Steinbruchschmiede. Walking from there, you come across a plain. Continuing along the trail, the route leads to the Black Quarry. The route continues on the Orgelsteig trail, where you can soon discover The Rhino and The St. Bernard. A little further along the trail, you will encounter The Lion. The trail continues uphill to The Small and The Large Organ . A short distance to the south, the trail intersects with the Alpenpfad trail, and from there, it continues along the same path. Going downhill on the trail, you can discover The Dachshund, The Teapot and The Dwarf. At the end of the trail, you will encounter an eagle owl carved out of wood and the Forest Gnome. On the way back, the route follows the green circle trail marker, until it reaches the crossroads with the blue line trail marker. Then the route follows the blue line back to the car park.



  • Onbekend (3%)
  • Straat (7%)
  • Asfalt (13%)
  • Grind (11%)
  • Wandelroute (4%)
  • Pad (66%)

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