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Stream – sand and treasures

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  • Start: parking spot: Campingpark Greifensteine, 09468 Geyer, Thumer Straße 65
  • Bestemming: parking spot at the Campingpark Greifensteine
  • Licht
  • 3,77 km
  • 56 Minuten
  • 30 m
  • 638 m
  • 626 m

Family-friendly ramble around the Greifenbachstauweiher reservoir, approx. 4 km.

For the young and young-at-heart, a varied walk around the Greifenbach reservoir is a must. From the car park, walk along the shore of the reservoir through the camping park, past the sandy beach and the forest café. Where the water flows into the reservoir, you can discover delicious berries, cotton grass and other bog plants. The crystal-clear little stream known as the Rote Wasser (“red water”) weaves through the idyllic forest and feeds the Greifenbach reservoir. Crossing the ford with a bridge, you will hike back in the direction of the reservoir. Once at the beach, the children can look forward to a sandy beach, mini golf, an adventure playground and “Toni’s World of Quartz”. Here, young treasure hunters can dig for gemstones or polish a souvenir to take home.



  • Onbekend (12%)
  • Straat (1%)
  • Asfalt (25%)
  • Grind (23%)
  • Wandelroute (12%)
  • Pad (28%)

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