Stoneman Miriquidi Abschnitt Blatensky vrch (Plattenberg) Plesivec (Plessberg)

Enige feiten

  • Start: Blatensky vrch (Plattenberg)
  • Bestemming: Plesivec (Plessberg)
  • 10,05 km
  • 1 Uur 5 Minuten
  • 182 m
  • 1045 m
  • 845 m

9,9 km 190 Hm

Take some time to visit the Wolfs- und Eispinge (collapsed shafts from tin mining). After this, ride down the mountain road and take a left following the country road for 1.6 km. Turning right forest paths lead to Abertamy (a church of the 14 sacred Samaritans, built in 1534). The ascent to the 1,028 m high Plešivec (basalt) seems to be moderate at first, but gets increasingly steeper towards the end (mountain hotel with lookout tower, outdoor activities). In the 2013/14 winter season a brand new skiing area was opened.



  • Straat (12%)
  • Asfalt (6%)
  • Wandelroute (81%)

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