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Spree Cycle Route – From the River’s Source to Local Lakes

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  • Start: Source of the Spree on the Kottmar
  • Bestemming: Spremberg
  • Licht
  • 122,62 km
  • 8 Uren 18 Minuten
  • 137 m
  • 474 m
  • 99 m

On 120 kilometres, this route along the river Spree features attractive and varied sceneries.

One of the three sources of the Spree is right in the middle of a beech grove in Kottmar, and this is where the Spree Cycle Route starts. The track winds its way through the picturesque hills of the “Lausitzer Bergland“ to the fascinating UNESCO protected heathland and pond landscape of the Oberlausitz (Upper Lusatia) region. After 120 kilometres, the route ends in a lakeland featuring “Bärwalder See“ as a successful example of regenerating a region that used to be dominated by open pit mining. A number of other cycle routes cross the Spree track, offering attractive detours. However, the Spree Cycle Route features enough sights as it is: There’s the region’s traditional architecture to be seen in the Schirgiswalde area, the towers of Bautzen, Bärwald lake for a swim or the blissfully deserted open spaces between the Oberlausitz‘ ponds.

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