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  • Start: Bernsdorf
  • Bestemming: Bernsdorf
  • Licht
  • 43,53 km
  • 2 Uren 55 Minuten
  • 113 m
  • 210 m
  • 133 m

Water, forest and treasures in the home of carp, stork and otter

The "Tour of the beautiful ponds" is the most family-friendly route of the Heidebogen circular routes due to its cyclist-friendly relief. It was designed in such a way that the transition from or to other bike paths of Upper Lusatia, such as Froschradweg or Krabatradweg, becomes possible. On a distance of about 40 km the cyclist crosses foothills of the West Lusatian hills and mountains and the Upper Lusatian heath and pond landscape with a largely untouched nature with ponds, moors and forests. In addition, there are many interesting things to discover along the way, which often have their origin in the eventful history of the area. Discover the town of Bernsdorf. Opposite the new town center you will find the restaurant "Grüner Wald". From here you continue to the Bernsdorf animal enclosure. Passing the Schmelzteich you cycle a bit along the Froschradweg and over the old railroad bridge. From there you reach the Waldbad Bernsdorf, a cozy and quietly located natural swimming pool with restaurant. Continuing along the Froschradweg, you will reach the Wiednitz Castle Park with its beautiful playground and the "Jägerhof" restaurant. Here you can decide for the small or the big Bernsdorf tour.The small tour (approx. 10 km) takes you from Wiednitz back to Bernsdorf through the animal enclosure to the Stegler ice cream parlor. The big tour (approx. 30 km) leads through fields, meadows and forests to Großgrabe. Along the idyllically situated ponds, the path continues to Straßgräbchen. Back to Bernsdorf the path leads you through the "Lange Holz", a truly old forest with red beech and hornbeam trees. Continuing along the main road, you will pass the Protestant and Catholic churches to the town hall, an old manor with a park. From here you take a detour along the frog bike path to Zeißholz. The village museum and the playground are worthwhile destinations. Back you go on the same way.

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