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“Mittellandroute“ – Picture-Perfect Treasures

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  • Gemiddeld
  • 69,62 km
  • 4 Uren 50 Minuten
  • 431 m
  • 487 m
  • 234 m

This cycle route leads through the Zittau mountains and continues on the Spree Cycle Route to Dresden, also called “Florence on the Elbe“.

The “Mittellandroute“ cycle route starts in Zittau and leads through Sachsen and Thuringia before ending in the very west of Germany in Aachen. Zittau is a small town featuring baroque buildings and a special treasure: The Zittau Lenten Cloth dates back to the 15th century and is one of the most beautiful and significant in Europe. On its way to Dresden, the cycle route runs through the mellow hills of the Zittau mountains and past Ebersbach. This picture-perfect small town features a number of houses in the traditional building style of the region. Furthermore, one of the three sources of the river Spree is to be found here. After following the Spree Cycle Route for a bit, the trail continues on to Dresden where magnificent cultural treasures await visitors. 

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