Metal Mountain Tour

Enige feiten

  • Start: Car park below the church in Deutschneudorf
  • Bestemming: Car park below the church in Deutschneudorf
  • 21,03 km
  • 2 Uren 35 Minuten
  • 606 m
  • 851 m
  • 397 m

From the car park below the church in Deutschneudorf the trail leads across the border into Bohemian territory. The route is partly on public and later on forestry roads with the highlight being the five kilometres stretch down from the Ore Mountains ridge to Jezeri Palace (Eisenberg Palace). Right at the start of this stretch a long and very fluid trail will put a smile on your face. Later on, the route passes by Jezerka mountain whose peak features a small circuit. Don’t miss this foot path because otherwise you won’t see this tour’s ultimate highlight: The contrast between a landscape carrying the scars of opencast mining and the wild nature of this mountain which almost reminds one of the Alps will leave a lasting memory. Afterwards, enjoy the long downhill trail to Jezeri Palace. The rest of the tour mainly features asphalt forestry roads that gently slope upwards and are physically not too demanding. Only a 600 metres stretch once you‘ve passed the palace is a bit more difficult. Technically, the trail is not too much of a challenge either, only a short steep bit before getting to the castle requires a bit more skill. 

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