Lesna- Kalek-Tour

Enige feiten

  • Start: Sporthotel in Lesna
  • Bestemming: Sporthotel in Lesna
  • 27,17 km
  • 4 Uren 5 Minuten
  • 589 m
  • 911 m
  • 673 m

Suitable for beginners, this is a technically easy tour through the Bohemian Ore Mountains. It starts at the Sporthotel in the small town of Lesna from where it leads without any major altitude difference through partly unspoilt and wild areas until you get to the border village of Kalek. This is followed by a gentle slope uphill and then back to Lesna. The surface is mostly solid making this tour also suitable for touring bikes. Along the way, you’ll not only enjoy enchanting sceneries but also beautiful views from the Ore Mountains ridge down to the Bohemian Basin. There are also many inns along the way so don’t miss sampling some Bohemian specialities! 

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