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Lakeland Route – Landscape in development

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Between Dresden and Berlin, a spectacular water world with more than 20 new lakes is in the making. The Lakeland Route (186 kilometres) leads through the Lausitz Lakeland and cyclists can witness how the largest artificial water landscape in Europe is being created. A landscape that was once dominated by brown coal mining, is being turned into a water paradise by flooding the former open pits. In a few years‘ time, ten lakes will be interconnected via navigable canals.

The route starts at Großräschener See“ lake in the north and ends at “Bärwalder See“ lake in the south of Lausitz Lakeland, leading past 16 lakes altogether. Along the way, cyclists will get a glimpse of lakes in the making and see the different stages of flooding, thereby experiencing the landscape‘s transformation. In some parts, the stadium between open pit mining and lake is still very visible, in others the lakes have been created decades ago and feature beaches, marinas and amphitheatres. A lot of the lakes also offer water sports including jet skiing and sailing.

Look-outs such as „Rostiger Nagel“ (rusty nail) open up great views on the impressive transformative process taking place. Be it industrial culture, garden cities or the customs of the Sorbs, there’s a lot to see along this route. Numerous B&Bs are happy to welcome cyclists and the signposted route is mainly paved with only very few climbs. 



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