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Krabat Cycle Route

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  • 90,14 km
  • 6 Uren 8 Minuten
  • 186 m
  • 202 m
  • 120 m

This cycle route features numerous cultural and natural treasures.

According to an old Sorbian legend, Krabat was a sorcerer’s and miller’s apprentice and this cycle route follows his traces between Deutschbaselitz, Crostwitz and Wittichenau. The route features many cultural and natural treasures and is full of memories of Krabat such as the mill in Schwarzkollm. The imaginative Krabat playground in Kamenz has been inspired by the old Sorbian myth of Krabat.The route continues through flat terrain and according to the legend Krabat made the soil here fertile by showing the farmers how to dry out the local marshes. St Marienstern , an old Cistercian convent in Panschwitz-Kuckau, as well as the pilgrimage church in Rosenthal, the listed graveyard in Ralbitz and the wind mill in Dörgenhause are further attractive sights along the route. 

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