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Journey of discovery to the fountains and waterworks of Görlitz

Enige feiten

  • Start: Obermarkt, Görlitz
  • Bestemming: Postplatz, Görlitz
  • Licht
  • 2,09 km
  • 1 Uur
  • 25 m
  • 209 m
  • 186 m

During this tour through the old town of Görlitz you will discover the city's numerous fountains and waterworks. Enjoy the splattering of water in the historical atmosphere.

The tour takes you through the historical old town to the most beautiful fountains and waterworks: very small ones such as the "Milchkannenbrunnen" or "Badende Kinder" as well as the larger ones such as the "Muschelminna" at  Postplatz or the water line at Marienplatz. Not only vats and fountains, but also many sights can be discovered during the tour, too. For people who really love water, a view from the Old Town Bridge (Alstadtbrücke) down to the Neisse River is definitely worthwhile. The bridge which connects the Polish and German part of the city has been standing since 2004. If this is not enough for you, just drive out of town to Berzdorf Lake. The lake is located about 6 km away from Görlitz and covers an area of 960 hectares. For water sports enthusiasts such as surfers, sailors and stand-up paddlers, Berzdorf Lake is ideal to live their passion.



  • Straat (2%)
  • Asfalt (90%)
  • Pad (8%)

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