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Family Hiking Trail: “Trail of the Planets“

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  • Start: Sun stop: 09427 Ehrenfriedersdorf, Seifentalstrasse or Pluto stop: Zeiss Planetarium Drebach, 09430 Drebach, Milchstrasse 1 (486 m)
  • Bestemming: Ehrenfriedersdorf, respectively Zeiss Planetarium Drebach
  • Licht
  • 6,00 km
  • 1 Uur 30 Minuten
  • 130 m
  • 607 m
  • 483 m

Explore our cosmic home in 90 minutes through space. The Planetenwanderweg trail between Ehrenfriedersdorf and Drebach is a stellar route for a walk. Following it gives you a realistic idea of the relative distances and proportions of our solar system.

Depicted on a scale of 1:1 billion, the sun appears as a ball with a diameter of 1.4 m, while the dwarf planet Pluto is a mere 0.3 cm. All the planets are represented in the correct dimensions, and the distances also correspond to the scale. The route offers you a great view of the Greifenstein area and the Erzgebirgskamm ridge. Start your tour at the sun in Ehrenfriedersdorf or at Pluto at the Zeiss Planetarium in Drebach.

Signposting: Planetenwanderweg ‒ white-green-white




  • Straat (3%)
  • Asfalt (4%)
  • Grind (89%)
  • Wandelroute (4%)

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