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Discover Görlitz from a bird's eye view

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  • Start: Görlitz-Information, Obermarkt 32
  • Bestemming: Görlitz-Information, Obermarkt 32
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  • 2,15 km
  • 1 Uur
  • 27 m
  • 207 m
  • 186 m

A tour through the city of towers - climb the towers, count the steps and enjoy great views of the city.

Görlitz is often called the city of towers. Visit the preserved medieval towers during a tour. On certain dates it is also possible to visit all the towers in one day. The 360° viewing platform of the Town Hall Tower offers a particularly beautiful view of the city. If it rains or if it is frosty the Town Hall Tower is not accessible.

Did you know that the "Reichenbach Tower" (Reichenbacher Turm) is the highest tower in Görlitz? It is part of the Museum of History and Culture and you can find different collections here. The walls of the "Thick Tower" (Dicker Turm) are 5,34 metres thick at the bottom. The oldest tower in Görlitz is the "Nikolai Tower" (Nikolaiturm) which is located in the Nikolaivorstadt.

The "Hother Tower" (Hotherturm) is located beneath the Vogtshof. It is the least preserved tower of the city wall.

It is also possible to climb the towers of St. Peter's Church during the opening hours.


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