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Bike route 4: Neunmühlental - bike tour

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  • Start: Bike route entry Bikewelt Schöneck roundabout Kärrnerstraße
  • Bestemming: Bikestation Bikewelt Schöneck (parking garage Hohe Reuth)
  • Gemiddeld
  • 28,38 km
  • 2 Uren 30 Minuten
  • 615 m
  • 775 m
  • 454 m

Bike tour into the romantic Neunmühlental through Mosen-Dorf-Marieney and visit to the oldest church in the Vogtland in Wohlbach.

The starting point is the Haselmühle junction on the road to Oelsnitz. From here it goes downhill to the Leuchtmoos cave and then on to the Jahnsmühle.

The valley slopes become steeper, the valley narrower. Opposite the Spitzmühle is the village of Korna on the mountainside. From here the tour goes up to Arnoldsgrün and along the fields through the forest to Marieney, the birthplace of the poet Julius Mosen and the cartographer Adam Friedrich Zürner.

The tour runs past the church towards Saalig, where you turn left to Wohlbach. Here at the oldest church in the Vogtland, the tour continues over the Galgenberg to Gunzen (connection to the cycle path). With a wonderful view from the mountain, you can roll down to Eschenbach, where, past the Bockmühle, you reach the starting point in Schöneck.



  • Straat (40%)
  • Asfalt (36%)
  • Grind (23%)
  • Wandelroute (1%)
  • Pad (1%)

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