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Bicycle tour along the Oder-Neisse cycle path and around Berzdorf Lake

Enige feiten

  • Start: Görlitz, Old Town Bridge (Altstadtbrücke)
  • Bestemming: Görlitz, access to Berzdorf Lake
  • Licht
  • 24,27 km
  • 2 Uren 30 Minuten
  • 76 m
  • 210 m
  • 182 m

This tour takes you from the Old Town Bridge in Görlitz along the Neisse River to Hagenwerder and to Berzdorf Lake where it is possible to stop and to refresh.

The tour starts at the Old Town Bridge (Altstadtbrücke) in Görlitz and takes you along the Oder-Neisse cycle path to Hagenwerder, Tauchritz and "Blaue Lagune" at Berzdorf Lake. An impressive baroque church is located in Tauchritz which was built in 1686. Furthermore you can discover a moated castle with castle park from the second half of the 17th century. Via the cycle path at Berzorf Lake the tour continues to the access Berzdorfer See/Görlitz. At this point it is possible to cycle back to the city of Görlitz. Make a stop at the lake before cycling back to the city and enjoy the sound of the waves.

During this tour you will experience interesting sights and an impressive nature. You should definitely visit the open air museum with the excavator 1492 which reminds of the lignite mining.



  • Onbekend (8%)
  • Straat (15%)
  • Asfalt (53%)
  • Grind (5%)
  • Pad (19%)

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