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A walk through Görliwood

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  • Start: Görlitz-Information at the Obermarkt
  • Bestemming: railway station in Görlitz
  • Licht
  • 6,62 km
  • 2 Uren
  • 22 m
  • 223 m
  • 182 m

Discover individually the film locations of famous films in Görliwood and and take a walk on the tracks of the movie stars.

The tour starts at the Görlitz-Information and ends in Landskronstraße near the railway station. During the tour you can visit points worth seeing such as the Untermarkt, the Old Town Bridge (Altstadtbrücke), the film set "Wählt Thälmann" in Bergstraße, the Art Nouveau Department Store and the Jakobpassage. Furthermore, the tour includes stops on the so-called "Walk of Görliwood", which was opened in 2020.

Movies which were produced in Görlitz are amongst others "Goethe!", "The Captain", "The Book Thief", "Inglourious Basterds", "The Grand Budapest Hotel", "Around the World in 80 Days", "Never Look Away" or "The Reader". Görlitz is also the setting for the German TV crime series "Wolfsland".

Further information at: www.visit-goerlitz.com/Goerliwood-European-Film-Location

In the Görlitz-Information you can get a free map of the film locations. Furthermore, you can book a guided city tour called "And...Action!" or a bus tour with the "Görliwood-Entdecker" and it is possible to buy an exclusive Görliwood souvenir here.



  • Straat (18%)
  • Asfalt (39%)
  • Grind (5%)
  • Wandelroute (32%)
  • Pad (6%)

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