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A bicycle tour for families at Berzdorf Lake

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  • Start: North-east Beach at Berzdorf Lake
  • Bestemming: North-east Beach at Berzdorf Lake
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  • 15,62 km
  • 2 Uren
  • 14 m
  • 194 m
  • 186 m

During this bicycle tour around Berzdorf Lake near Görlitz you will get to know the surrounding area and enjoy the various refreshment stops around the lake.

As a result of the renaturation of an open-cast mining near the southern city limit of Görlitz a paradise for water lovers was created in the last decade. The almost 1,000-hectare, 72-metre-deep Berzdorf Lake is not only the fifth-largest lake in Saxony but also one of the most popular.

The 16km long path around the Berzdorf Lake is mostly asphalted and passes bathing facilities, playgrounds and a nature reserve (here you have to dismount and push the bike). Cyclists, skaters and walkers enjoy nature at the shore and near the lake to every time of the year. For water sports enthusiasts such as surfers, sailors and stand-up paddlers, Berzdorf Lake is ideal to live their passion. If you just want to go for a swim several swimming sites invite you to get into the crystal-clear and refreshing water.



  • Straat (16%)
  • Asfalt (72%)
  • Grind (14%)
  • Wandelroute (14%)

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