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Walk of Görliwood®

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With the "Walk of Görliwood®", film enthusiasts and those interested in film can explore the film city of Görlitz through thematically designed shop windows.

Discover the film city Görlitz with the "Walk of Görliwood"
Using the "Walk of Görliwood®", film enthusiasts and those interested in film can discover the film city of Görlitz on their own. Since the end of February 2020, theme-specific display windows have been providing visually appealing and exciting insights into the film city.

Along the various stations, visitors get an impression of the versatility of Görlitz. Concrete contact points at different locations show, for example, props from the ARD® crime thriller Wolfsland, the film set of Goethe or refer to aspects of Görliwood's film history such as Grand Budapest Hotel. All stations are illuminated and can be visited at any time.

  • Station 1: Welcome to the film city (Neißstraße / Brauner Hirsch)
  • Station 2: Grand Budapest Hotel (White Street / Brown Deer)
  • Station 3: European Film Location of the Decade (Neißstraße / Brauner Hirsch)
  • Station 4: film location Brauner Hirsch (Neißstraße / Brauner Hirsch)
  • Station 5: Wolfsland - film location Görlitz (Strasbourg-Passage)
  • Station 6: The sorcerer's apprentice (Obermarkt 23)

Further stations in the city center are planned.

The city's goal is to present the city's long and varied film history visibly to film fans and interested parties in the city centre with the "Walk of Görliwood®". In addition, there are also several offers for Görliwood® tours and sightseeing.


Walk of Görliwood®
02826 Görlitz

Website: www.goerlitz.de/Walk-of-Goerliwood.html

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