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Tourist Information Zittau

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Valuable architecture at the foot of the Zittau Mountains

Zittau, the southeasternmost of Saxon cities counts among the most beautiful in the Free State of Saxony. The city in the border triangle Germany-Poland-Czech Republic in Upper Lusatia is more than 750 years old. It is the only city in Europe that constantly shows its visitors two Lenten veils from the Middle Ages. The historic centre of Zittau has been completely preserved and hence a city tour is very impressing.

The city's most significant treasure is the "Great Zittau Lenten veil from 1472" in the Museum Kirche zum Heiligen Kreuz (Church of The Holy Cross). The "Small Zittau Lenten veil (1573)" is unique in Germany and adorns the Cultural History Museum in the Franciscan monastery. Both exhibition sites are part of the cross-border touristic route "Via Sacra".

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Tourist Information Zittau
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