Sorbian Cultural Centre

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Collection of dolls dressed in traditional costumes (Schleifer Tracht), Sorbian Easter egg market, offers for groups, traditional folk events, concerts, reading

Experience the language, culture and customs in the smallest Sorbian costume area of Lusatia - in the parish Schleife. Here in the Sorbian cultural center you learn all about the small nation of the Sorbs and experience the living tradition first hand. Because in the 700-years history of the village something very unique has developed here. In addition to the entertaining folk music with the Sorbian bagpipe and the three-stringed violin, also the Schleife dialect belongs to the specialties of this region. Do not miss out on the village church from the 14th century with its presbytery built of fieldstone. As the only still preserved monument of the late Sorbian Gothic in the Upper Lusatia, it is the entire pride of Schleife`s Sorbs. 


Sorbian Cultural Centre
Friedensstraße 65
02959 Schleife

Tel.: +49 (0) 35773 77230
Fax: +49 (0) 35773 77233

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