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Sonnenlandpark Lichtenau

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Nature, games and fun for old and young alike attract many tourists to come to the Sonnenlandpark.

3 in 1 excursion destination for the whole family: an amusement park with over 45 attractions like the highest Germany's slide tower, park railway, nautical Jets, chain carousel, Giant jumping cushions, climbing and Tube slide paradise, pedal cars, children's Quads, boats, excavators, water playground, forest labyrinth, ferris wheel, three rollover swings and much more as well as a wildlife park with over 9 species of wild animals as well as an indoor play hall with 4 floors of play and tobacco, bouncy castles, electric cars,
Table tennis and much more.


Sonnenlandpark Lichtenau
Zum Sonnenlandpark 1
09244 Lichtenau

Tel.: +49 (0) 37208 883978
Fax: +49 (0) 37208 883983
Website: www.sonnenlandpark.de

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