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Fichtelberg Schwebebahn – Suspended Railway

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The Fichtelberg Cable Car is a German cable car in the Ore Mountains in Saxony that runs from the town of Oberwiesenthal the highest mountain in Saxony.

The Fichtelberg Cable Car is the oldest cable car in Germany, leading from the valley station at an altitude of 905 m above sea level to the mountain station a 1208 m above sea level, having a length of 1175 metres and a maximum upward gradient of 50 per cent. The Fichtelberg Cable Car is equipped with two carrying and two hauling cables. Operations began in December 1924. The Fichtelberg Cable Car temporarily ceased operation in 1948 due to lack of maintenance during World War II. After a major overhaul, it reopened in 1956. Another major renovation took place in 1984, when one of the support towers were removed and the others where relocated.


Fichtelberg Schwebebahn – Suspended Railway
09484 Oberwiesenthal

Tel.: +49 (0) 37348 12761
Fax: +49 (0) 37348 12777
Website: www.fichtelberg-ski.de

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