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West Thalheim circular trail

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  • Start: Train station Thalheim, Untere Bahnhofstr. 32e, 09380 Thalheim
  • Bestemming: Train station Thalheim, Untere Bahnhofstr. 32e, 09380 Thalheim
  • Gemiddeld
  • 14,92 km
  • 3 Uren 55 Minuten
  • 230 m
  • 560 m
  • 428 m

On this tour, you can enjoy some beautiful views, delve into the industrial history of the small town, and discover some gems.

Passing the delightful “Rentners Ruh” model village, the Hammerteich pond, the “Tabakstanne” and rambling along the historical Eisenweg (Iron Trail), you can enjoy some picturesque views over the “town of three fir trees”, as it is known. Via the Forzbachl spring, hike to the romantic small town with great views. A short detour takes you to the Wille Gottes Stolln tunnel, where “thalheimite”, also known as arsenopyrite, was mined with considerable success.

Back in the small town, where many old buildings of the hosiery industry still stand today, we recommend a trip to the impressive town hall (Rathaus). In the Haus der Heimatkunde (local history museum) behind it, you will learn about the history of the town and discover historical witnesses to the hosiery industry that shaped Thalheim from the 18th to the 20th century.

Guided tours of the Wille Gottes Stolln and the Haus der Heimatkunde are currently not available, but you can contact the Thalheim Mining Association and the Thalheim Local History Association to organise a visit.



  • Straat (1%)
  • Asfalt (19%)
  • Grind (47%)
  • Wandelroute (18%)
  • Pad (15%)

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