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The twin cycle path

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  • Start: Landskron brewery manufactory
  • Bestemming: Landskron brewery manufactory
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First up the river, then down the river! The Upper Lusatian twins promise pure cycling pleasure through the multifaceted Upper Lusatia.

The cycle paths along the Spree and Neisse rivers, which cross the most beautiful areas and places of Upper Lusatia downstream and are greeted by the extensive river landscapes of Brandenburg, are equally enchanting and differently temperamental - like dizygoti twins. And best of all: the twins can be combined. Downriver from its source in the Czech Jizera Mountains, the Neisse in Upper Lusatia first reaches the Lenten cloth town of Zittau. Here the twin "Oder-Neisse Cycle Path" blossoms and leads north through the impressive river landscape to the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site Muskauer Park. The other twin, the "Spree Cycle Path", meanders in a charming and playful way from its three springs in Upper Lusatia Bergland, further at the foot of the 1,000-year-old city of Bautzen, through the species-rich land of a thousand ponds to the Lusatian Lake District, while approaching Berlin as his destination.



  • Onbekend (37%)
  • Straat (15%)
  • Asfalt (57%)
  • Grind (19%)
  • Wandelroute (2%)
  • Pad (7%)

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