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Pilgerroute Via Sacra

Enige feiten

  • Start: Bahnhof Kamenz
  • Gemiddeld
  • 268,15 km
  • 4 Dagen 16 Uren
  • 4348 m
  • 793 m
  • 157 m

The Via Sacra runs for 268 km through Upper Lusatia and on into the Czech Republic. Along sacred sites, you have the opportunity to reflect and enjoy nature.

Go on a pilgrimage on the Via Sacra across Upper Lusatia. Along sacred sites and unique natural diversity, you will find yourself. Take your time and consciously reflect on yourself. Enjoy being and the beauty of nature. Get to know the region and the hospitality of the locals in a very special way. Forget everyday life and reflect on the really important things in life.

The pilgrimage route takes you from Kamenz via Bautzen to Löbau. There you have the option of choosing the northern or southern route or completing a full circuit. Along the northern route, you make a pilgrimage via Reichenbach, Kodersdorf and Görlitz to Ostritz and Zittau via Oybin to Herrnhut and back to Löbau, where the circle closes.

From Zittau, you have the option of crossing the border into the Czech Republic and continuing your pilgrimage on the Czech side.



  • Onbekend (5%)
  • Straat (10%)
  • Asfalt (25%)
  • Grind (25%)
  • Wandelroute (27%)
  • Pad (9%)

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