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Parthe-Mulde cycling route

Enige feiten

  • Start: Leipzig-Rosental
  • Bestemming: Grimma
  • Gemiddeld
  • 52,49 km
  • 4 Uren
  • 63 m
  • 164 m
  • 102 m

Experience fascinating park landscapes between city and countryside

The almost 60 km long Parthe-Mulde cycling route runs along the small Parthe River between the cities of Leipzig and Grimma. As a connection between the 'Elsterradweg' and the 'Mulderadweg', the route offers an exciting sequence of different settlements and natural landscapes. One of its special features is an extensive park network. In addition to numerous idyllic parks, the Parthenaue, which is rich in species, also holds many unexpected discoveries. Fascinating art objects and buildings worth seeing from past centuries invite you to explore and linger.

Due to the low differences in altitude, the Parthe-Mulde cycle route is particularly suitable for families or inexperienced cyclists. It invites you to a leisurely bike ride that can also be mastered by everybody.



  • Onbekend (2%)
  • Straat (14%)
  • Asfalt (57%)
  • Grind (12%)
  • Pad (15%)

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