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On the ‘Freiberger Mulde’ and ‘Vereinigte Mulde’ (inflatable boat tour)

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  • Start: Grimmaer Straße, 04703 Leisnig OT Fischendorf (boat launching point Muldebrücke)
  • Bestemming: Colditzer Weg, 04668 Grimma (landing stage after suspension bridge)
  • Licht
  • 21,44 km
  • 5 Uren
  • 144 m
  • 125 m

Monasteries, castles and the imposing Mildenstein Castle characterize the section of the Mulde River between Leisnig and Grimma that is popular with paddlers.

The total distance of this route is 27 kilometers. Small rapids have to be mastered, but most of the time, you can enjoy the calm water in your inflatable boat/dinghy.


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