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Elsterperlenweg® / Elster Pearl Trail

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  • Start: Greiz
  • Bestemming: Greiz
  • Gemiddeld
  • 68,74 km
  • 20 Uren 40 Minuten
  • 1826 m
  • 421 m
  • 208 m

Go on a 72 km journey of discovery along the Elsterperlenweg® and explore the Elster Valley on one of the most beautiful circular hiking trails in the Thuringian Vogtland.

The circular hiking trail leads on both sides along the river "White Elster" from the royal seat of Greiz, the pearl of the Vogtland, via Neumühle to Wünschendorf, the gateway to the Elstertal, and back via Berga / Elster to Greiz. On the way through the wild and romantic valley of the White Elster, the hiker passes dreamy villages, places steeped in history and unique buildings. Attractive panoramic views reveal an interesting low mountain range.

A special feature of the path are its cross connections. In Neumühle, for example, you can walk to the opposite side of the White Elster after stage 1 and hike back to Greiz on stage 6. These possibilities allow the stages to be combined individually and as required.

Hiking on the path Elsterperlenweg® offers not only a lot of nature but also the opportunity to visit historical sights. At the northern turning point, hikers will find the 1000-year-old St. Vitus Church, the Mildenfurth monastery or the 225-year-old covered wooden bridge in Wünschendorf.

But also en route, in the middle of the wooded Elstertal, there is a lot to discover, such as the mill Clodramühle, which is still in operation, the town of Berga / Elster or the imposing river weir "Elsterwehr" in Neumühle. And further on at the southern turning point of the Elsterperlenweg®, in the more than 800-year-old residential town of Greiz, the hiking trail leads directly through the internationally known Greizer Park to the Upper Castle (with museum) and the Lower Castle with museum and the Church of St. Marien in the beautiful center of the city of Greiz.

Let yourself be inspired by the fascinating nature and follow in the footsteps of the reeves (Vögte).

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