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Schlossbergmuseum - Chemnitz Art Collections

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After a checkered history, Chemnitz’s former Benedictine monastery now serves as a museum and as a parish church.

The very first impression, tourists get from a metropolis is a visit of the museum dedicated to the history of city. The exhibition of the “Schlossbergmuseum Chemnitz“ provides for an extensive insight into the history and allows for a stunning view across the city of the modern age with its city balcony.

The museum is situated in one of the oldest buildings of the city; i.e. an architectonical mixture of the medieval times and renaissance, which makes visitors curious about the astonishing history with respect to the gates leading through to the Ore Mountains. The renaissance hall with its 600 square meter large area is deemed as one of Saxony´s largest museum halls. Afore-mentioned museum comprises of the permanent exhibition, which is continuously extended by restored exhibits. Besides, the change of Chemnitz is demonstrated by three city models starting with its foundation in the medieval times through to these days.


Schlossbergmuseum - Chemnitz Art Collections
Schloßberg 12
09113 Chemnitz

Tel.: +49 (0) 371 4884501
Fax: +49 (0) 371 4884599
Website: www.schlossbergmuseum.de

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