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Königliches Kurhaus Bad Elster – Royal Spa House

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Aside from two event halls and a gallery, the Royal Spa Bad Elster also houses the tourist information Bad Elster.

The Royal Kurhaus makes the city Bad Elster own an outstandingly architectonic example of the neo-renaissance that has been proof of the value and significance of the health spa “Bad Elster”. The representative design of the facility underscores the international significance and acceptance of the Saxon “Koenigsbades“ back in the late days of the 19th century. The royal Kurhaus which is considered as the “ House of the Guest“ situated in the town´s core vis-á-vis to the venerable “Albert Bades” and the “König Albert Theater” has become a contemporary event venue with a “Royal-Saxon”-atmosphere.  

The Königliches Kurhaus Bad Elster houses 2 historic event halls, a gallery and the Bad Elster Tourist Information.


Königliches Kurhaus Bad Elster – Royal Spa House
Badstraße 25
08645 Bad Elster

Tel.: +49 (0) 37437 53900
Fax: +49 (0) 37437 539054
Website: www.chursaechsische.de

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