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Mountain Cottage Kohlhaukuppe

Enige feiten

The Mountain Cottage Kohlhaukuppe is popularly known as the Knoblauchkuppe! Knoblauch means garlic. The host: "Garlic is our passion"

The Mountain Cottage with restaurant is 786 m above sea level. You can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view from the observation tower. The summit can only be reached on foot - after a hike through unique mountain meadows, a hearty meal awaits you in the rustic mountain hut. If you love garlic, you've come to the right place. Starting with the garlic soup, over the garlic bread to the garlic ice cream or garlic beer.


Mountain Cottage Kohlhaukuppe
Kohlhaukuppe Nr. 1
01778 Geising

Tel.: +49 (0) 35056 31395
Website: www.bergbaude-kohlhaukuppe.de

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