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"Prost Mahlzeit!" at the Kaisertrutz Görlitz

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  • Görlitz
  • 23.02. – 31.03.2024Overzicht datums
  • 10:00 - 16:00
  • Tentoonstelling, Traditie
Never before have eating and drinking habits been put to the test as they are today. Even in Görlitz, food is still being thrown away en masse. Industrial factory farming harms the climate. Economic resources are wasted and long transport routes no longer seem to matter. Yet it is well known that nothing less than our green planet is at stake. This gives rise to a rethinking and a more conscious use of the valuable resource "food". A look at history shows that food has always been a valuable and rare commodity in Görlitz, and scarcity and need often determined everyday life. The rich gave to the poor as a matter of course. Food was eaten on festive occasions and then saved again.
What the people of Görlitz ate in past centuries and where their food came from is the subject of this bilingual exhibition.

More than 30 events and individually bookable offers accompany the new Special exhibition "Prost Mahlzeit! Essen und Trinken in Görlitz", which will be on display in the Kaisertrutz from Saturday 16 September 2023 and run until 1 April 2024. It will be opened on Friday, 15 September, at 6 pm. The exhibition tells of what the people of Görlitz ate in past centuries and where their food came from. And it draws a bow to the present. During the exhibition, the public is invited to get into conversation with each other at regulars' tables, guided tours, excursions and panel discussions.

"I hope that many people are interested in this topic, because after all, everyone has to eat and drink." Ines Haaser, city historian at the Görlitz Collections and curator of this exhibition is looking forward to a lively personal exchange with the audience. The show presents food customs and traditions, eating habits and food production yesterday and today. But the curator also wants to learn something from the visitors. Namely, what people currently like to eat and drink in the European City of Görlitz and in the region. "After the end of the exhibition, we want to publish the New Görlitz Cookbook. For this, we are collecting favourite recipes from our visitors throughout the exhibition period."

"Prost Mahlzeit!" is a real family exhibition. There is something for every generation and every taste. Hands-on stations invite younger and older visitors to contribute their own experiences. And the accompanying programme is also dedicated to children and young people and their families.

In addition, the exhibition aims to connect the inhabitants on both sides of the Neisse. All texts in this show are bilingual, German and Polish. Polish-language guided tours are regularly on the programme and can also be booked individually. "There are also references to Polish cuisine and Polish traditions in our exhibition," says Ines Haaser. "I think that in general the topic of food and drink builds a good bridge between the citizens of our European city."

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