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Monet's garden - an immersive exhibition experience

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The sensational success MONET'S GARDEN - AN IMMERSIVE EXHIBITION EXPERIENCE comes to Dresden for a short time!

The successful exhibition celebrates its opening on 7 March 2024 in Dresden! Every day until 23 April 2024, MONETS GARTEN will present an interactive multimedia journey through the history and works of one of the greatest artists of the past century! The unique exhibition concept is staged with state-of-the-art technology, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the world and famous artworks of the painter Claude Monet (1840-1926). Elaborate installations and projections, combined with music and scents, create intoxicating worlds of colour and bring the paintings to life in a way that has never been seen before.

The entertaining walk through the work of the famous Impressionist offers plenty of interaction. Visitors who embrace can set Claude Monet's colour palette in motion, those who move energetically become painters themselves and those who want to create their own water lily can find it in the pond. For the viewer, illusion is transformed into reality. Monet's garden is an all-round experience for the whole family.

"The artist's task is to depict what is between the object and the artist, namely the beauty of the atmosphere." (Claude Monet)

In order to fully immerse themselves in the world of the French painter, visitors are guided through three experience areas. Each area is an attraction in itself and provides travellers not only with an insight, but also with new experiences and perspectives on Monet's life, work and works.

The first stop on the tour is the studio of the founder of Impressionism, the place where his great works were created. It offers a new perspective on the artist's works, immersing the audience not only in his paintings, but also in his perceptions, techniques and ways of conceptualising his art. Monet's central themes such as light, shadow, wind and the element of water as a reflective surface are integrated and woven into a poetic overall concept using state-of-the-art technology.

From the studio, the tour continues to the staging of Monet's garden, the world-famous garden landscape in Giverny in Normandy. The bridge leads to Monet's house, where visitors can interact with a large wall projection - a physical and poetic experience in one.

"Perhaps it is thanks to flowers that I became a painter." (Claude Monet)

. (Claude Monet)

In the adjoining showroom, the highlight of the exhibition, travellers can immerse themselves completely in Monet's paintings to truly experience them and lose themselves in the poetry of world-famous works such as The Cape of la Héve at Low Tide, The Lady in the Green Dress and The Studio Boat. The water lily paintings, the pinnacle of Monet's oeuvre, are presented as the finale of the story and in the spirit of the great master: the entire room becomes a gigantic water lily pond, creating the illusion of an endless whole. The viewer finds themselves in the middle of the paintings, immersed in light and sound, and thus becomes part of the scenery - the works of art interact with them and art becomes perfect poetry.

MONET'S GARDEN is the successful symbiosis of the artist's great works and an immersive journey of experience that will carry Monet's dream into a new age and make it unforgettable.

The unique and successful concept was developed by the Swiss creative lab "Immersive Art AG" in cooperation with Alegria Konzert GmbH. The tour organiser - known for its large-scale film music projects in concert halls and arenas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - has thus expanded its portfolio to include innovative exhibition experiences.

After a great start in Berlin at the beginning of 2022, the immersive art experience MONETS GARTEN could be experienced simultaneously in New York City, Vienna, Hamburg and Stuttgart.

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Monet's garden - an immersive exhibition experience
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