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Audio-Walk: The Back of the "Wanderer over the Sea of Fog

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  • Königstein/Sächs. Schw.
  • 12.08. – 20.10.2024Overzicht datums
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  • Kunst en cultuur, Wandeling
The Wanderer over the Sea of Fog does not look at us, but on the contrary urges us to look at what he himself sees and what is sometimes obscured from us by his own back. Caspar David Friedrich transfers to the figure on his back all that he longs for: unbound seeing, the loosening of the composition, the radically new way of seeing. This approach could be explained by Friedrich's own character duality between breaking taboos and shyness, but this would lead to a biographical interpretation. The beauty of his paintings, however, lies precisely in the fact that they cannot be reduced to personal motifs, but instead place painting itself in a borderline situation. Friedrich preserves tradition in a way that at the same time sets modernity on its way.

In our acoustic walk with musically accompanied reflections on the great painter of Romanticism, we want to follow the backs of the dancers of the Landesbühnen Sachsen, look past their shoulder blades and loins at the landscape of Saxon Switzerland and, like Friedrich's famous wanderer, gaze from above into the sea of fog.

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Landesbühnen Sachsen
Meißner Str. 152
01445 Radebeul

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