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24th Chursächsische Festival "Elster's Splendour"

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  • Bad Elster
  • 06.09. – 06.10.2024Overzicht datums
  • De hele dag
  • Klassiek concert, Feeszt

Outstanding cultural events with a suitable culinary programme are offered in a unique “Royal Saxon” ambience.

The renowned spa town of Bad Elster in the heart of the European music and spa region will also be celebrating a historic anniversary in 2024: in 2024, the town will be celebrating its first documented mention 700 years ago.

The cultural and festival town of Bad Elster delights visitors all year round with a very varied and exciting programme of events. The cultural centre is the over 100-year-old König Albert Theater, one of the most beautiful historic theatres in Germany. The annual Chursächsische Festival, which begins in September, traditionally marks the opening of the new season in Bad Elster.
A unique world of lights sets the scene for the festival nights in the Royal Gardens. Here, the beauties of Bad Elster can be experienced in a completely new way in atmospheric places, through shimmering water features and in a glowing natural setting: guests stroll along illuminated paths to mystical places and illuminated works of art in a world of light - as an evening walk in a sparkling play of lights!

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Chursächsische Veranstaltungs GmbH
Königliches Kurhaus, Badstraße 25
08645 Bad Elster

Tel.: +49 37437 539011
Fax: +49 37437 539053
Website: chursaechsische.de

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