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21st Art Festival "Begehungen"

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  • Chemnitz
  • 15. – 23.08.2024Overzicht datums
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There is unrest in the region 35 years ago. What started small soon grew into a major movement. Protests break out across the country, society wavers between fear and awakening. Is the situation tipping over? Or will the forces balance out and calm return?

The 21st edition of the Begehungen art festival will take place at a location that is closely linked to the protests in the GDR 35 years ago: back then, a group of citizens came together to change the GDR's education system, among other things.

The GDR was soon history, but the idea took shape surprisingly quickly. The new Chemnitz school model was opened on 1 September 1990 as a place for progressive learning and teaching. It still exists successfully today, now at a new location.

The founding building at Charlottenstraße 52, formerly Albrecht-Dürer or Charlottenschule, was abandoned in 2012 due to structural defects - and now forms the authentic setting for the 2024 Festival under the title "KIPPELN".

An exhibition will bring together 20 - 25 works by international contemporary artists and a festival programme with concerts, readings, lectures and performances will be offered.

The aim of the festival is the artistic exploration of different forms of protest and resistance as well as the visualisation of protest movements in the present day, but also of past decades across the globe.

The Begehungen art festival

The festival was founded in Chemnitz in 2003. It is one of the most renowned art events in Saxony and attracts thousands of visitors every year. It is part of the official programme for the European Capital of Culture Chemnitz 2025.

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Begehungen e.V.
Annaberger Str. 24
09111 Chemnitz

Website: www.begehungen-festival.de/de

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